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Musical People Keep Me Motivated

Piano bench……me.  Piano bench……student…….me.   This is often how it is at my studio.  It’s a great business.  I set my own hours, rates, policies, and who I work with.  On the flip side, it can get a bit lonely.

Recently, our local teacher group hosted our eighth annual Sonatina Festival.  I have been chairman of this event since its inception.  After months of planning, scheduling, inviting, enrolling, ribbon ordering, juggling Excel files, not to mention teaching my own students some of the toughest piano literature on the planet, the day finally arrived.  The four judges from the Houston area represented professionals who teach, compose, present, improvise, write articles, accompany at church, and perform.  They arrived with enthusiasm for the students and smiles on their faces.

In between listening and critiquing, we all had a chance to enjoy some food.  That led to wonderful conversations that included exchanges of ideas and inspiration.  One judge remarked to me, “It is so enjoyable to be around these fantastic professionals and hear their thoughts and expertise.”

IMG_0787 IMG_0786 IMG_0784

One of my fellow teachers said it best, “These are my people.”  I agree.  These are people who understand my weirdness and share my passion for music.  They possibly wake up in the middle of the night thinking about a student.  They could even involuntarily move their fingers in response to the patterns of a musical thought.  Speaking of musical thoughts, some might even be hearing tunes in their head right now, already composed or waiting to be written.

My people.  How refreshing to be in their presence, even for a short time.  To my fellow colleagues, I salute you.  Until we meet again, friends.


2 thoughts on “Musical People Keep Me Motivated

  1. Reblogged this on Diana Lopez Piano and commented:
    I can’t believe a year has gone by since our last Sonatina Festival. This year it will be divided into two locations. It’s so great to see so many students stepping up to the challenge. Good luck to all them tomorrow!

    1. I know, Diana. I was looking at my student records this morning- remembering the different festivals my kiddos have participated in. It’s a great feeling to be able to facilitate this kind of learning. I couldn’t do it without people like you! Thank you for all your assistance:)

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